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Planetary Possibilities

Feel MetaverseEnergy

Play 2 Earn

VR Avatar calls (BETA)

The only of its kind VR calls, the user takes on the role of their avatar.
Stay anonymus and comunicate on a whole new level. Speak with everybody via Avatrar calls, make new friends and have fun.

Be whoever you want
Metaverse Geeks

Meet other MetaGeeks during Events

Regular users

Make friends to build your own community during parties and Events in Planetary. Overtake danceflore with your new friends.

MetaAssets Holders

Take benefits from possesing MetaAssets and join the exlusive clubs only for MetaAssets holders.

Metaverse Geeks

Create your avatar

Take care of your appearance in the Planetary. You can look however you like.

Fashion is in your hands

Check the selection of clothes in the Planetary wardrobe and complete your own look.

Event starting soon

Host live Space Events on Land

customize your Land
Sell ticket for Events to your community

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Planetary Medusa
Join the first Partyverse
NFT holder paradise

Build up your Land

Every user can fully create their own 3D space in Metaverse easyly in land creator tool.

Office, Party Plaece, Art Museum, Business and more...

Create your AVATAR

Planetary has a fully developed in-game AVATARS creator which allows Users to personalize avatars.

NFT holder paradise

Planetary compared
with other projects



High realistic Avatars

Extended in-game MetaAssets holders utilities

Active users award

Live (Music) Events

VR Avatar Calls

Mobile App



Axi Infinity
Axi Infinity
The Sandbox
The Sandbox
Victoria VR
Victoria VR

Interspace - Social Layer

Swipe UP to explore Social Layer Swipe Down to enter Metaverse

Enjoy engaging Social layer. Build a community and automatically get bigger Land and get more tools.

Mission colonization
Avatars P1

Why Planetary is the most advanced Metaverse project?

Planetary has many unique features over other Metaverse projects. Its core is an advanced and fully ready and working Metaverse, which is years ahead of the competition.

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great is

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