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Mission colonization


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Stage 1(Q2 2020)Stage 2(Q3 2020)Stage 3(Q4 2020)Stage 4(Q1 2021)Stage 5(Q2 2021)Stage 6(Q3 2021)Stage 7(Q4 2021)Stage 8(Q1 2022)Stage 9(Q2 2022)Stage 10(Q1 2023)Stage 11(Q2 2023)Stage 12(Q3 2023)Stage 13(Q4 2023)Stage 14(Q1 2024)Stage 15(Q2 2024)Stage 16Q3 2024)
  • Innovative idea of creating Planetary
  • Core team fundation
  • Creating key visuals
  • UI
  • Elaborate logbook
  • First beta of Planetary
  • Creating marketing strategy
  • Brand awerness development
  • Buliding community
  • Socialmedia on chain in App Development
  • Preparation for music events distribution
  • Open library for 3D artists for Lands
  • We enlarge our lands
  • Exploring the market and user needs
  • Start of development
  • Development process
  • Testing and improving user experience
  • Beta testing users feedback
  • Creating a fully functional Metaverse
  • Space Events creator development and new areas (beach party)
  • Series of training sessions with coaches
  • Community engagement
  • Guild development
  • Guildies and gamification
  • Integration lands for brands
  • First investors
  • Establishing plan for 2021
  • Bugfixing
  • Establishing plan for 2022
  • Expanding Planetary team
  • Planetary launch
  • Update a storyline
  • New Pitch Deck
  • Public Sale on Tenset
  • Items and Clothes Creator
  • AI solutions
  • Cooperation with the real estate market
  • Concept of the MetaAsset collection with utilities
  • Creating P2E model
  • AMA
  • Post distribution concept
  • Token Private Sale for VC
  • V1 Social Layer
  • Listing on Tier one Exchange
  • Planetary extension with mini-games
  • Form business model
  • Full project whitepaper
  • Online parties for Users
  • New futuristic Street with Art Gallery, Clubs, Shopping Mall, Expo hall
  • BNBchain, Binance, Tenset negotiation
  • Lands creator development
  • Planets for projects and communities
  • Oculus and Meta integration
  • Legal security
  • Partnership with best blockchain companies
  • Genesis collection
  • Planetary Influencers as avatars in Metaverse
  • 3 live Events daily in the App
  • Start Token campaign
  • R1 mln active users
  • Team expansion
  • Making website
  • Going worldwide
  • Start of making firs MetaAssets collections
  • MetaAsset avatars collection
  • Private sale
  • Collaborations with music producers and their brand partners
  • Announcements about TGE social ADS (upcoming events)
  • New roadmap

Discover team

Jakub Kobosko

Jakub Kobosko

Founder & CEO

Adam Kobosko

Adam Kobosko

Founder & COO

Paweł Łaskarzewski

Paweł Łaskarzewski

Tokenisation Leader

Robert Bukowski

Robert Bukowski


Daniel Konieczny

Daniel Konieczny

Lead of Business Development

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